Welcome 2019……!!!!!

Hello guys…..


Year 2018 is to end and everyone is ready to welcome new year 2019 with big bash….yes or no ????

Ohk let me tell you guys first that exactly one year back my journey with wordpress.com got started on 29th december 2017. Yeah….and received wishes from website too. And this journey was superb. Have enjoyed it and will enjoy hereafter too. It gave me habbit of positive thinking…and offered strength for the same. I have written about 18 blogs till date and While writing them ,myself got precious  lessons from the life of the great people. Actually I am a person from reticent (less talkative)catagory but here i got a platform to express myself. And yeah thanks to rupesh pawar…from him only i got the idea of blogs writing and he only told me about this website. He uses to write blogs on his every outings and i use to visit his website regularly where i use to see different places from his sight. But main driving force i received from one  another friend ,suraj. The day he sent me link of his website , same day i just thought that now i will not make a delay for it. Same day at late night i  created my website and concept of blogs was already there in my mind that of about ” motivation“. And motivation means first name came in our mind that of  The great sir stephen hawking. So my first blog was of about his precious life. And then i received different lessons from Terry fox, IAS kinjal and IRS pranjal,John jose mendes, abrahm lincoln,  kàroly Takàcs and from so many people who have set the  example in front of the society. This website became my friend now with whom i can gossip at any time…. ☺

So …turning towards todays subject. Everyone is ready to welcome new year with big bash..but Are you eligible to celebrate it…,????  What 😑 ??? You can celebrate every moment when you learn something new at every  next moment from that of previous moment. But if you are not taking lessons from your previous mistakes , still u …urself is not realising any change ( progress) in you…then you are not eligible to celebrate this moment. Time will go on passing, we can not seize it. Most important thing is that we also have to keep on improving, keep on learning new things as time passes.

Resolutions….. Ready with your new resolutions…??? Keep that resolutions as a secret one because they are  there to just  disappoint you. Yes we think that these resolutions are supposed to be completed at the starting of the new year. But at the end we realise that our life has its own flow, it is having different resolutions for us. While flowing with the resolutions given by life we use to forget our own resolutions. And one who is able to complete his own resolutions..i can say that , that person is having strong mind power who has realised power of his own belief , his own thoughts, power of his subconscious mind. And very few people are there who knew the value of their belief. They decide their destiny , they dream about it…and they use to reach to their destiny in a way they have dreamed.

It is just because… they believe in a prayer. They know how to do prayer effectively. Prayer is nothing but hearts honest desire. Doctor uses to dress wound but that wound is going to heal by our own inner belief only. This all possible when we start value our thoughts. Because thoughts give emotions…according to emotions we act….that act becomes our habbit…that habbit decides our nature and nature decides our future. In short our todays thoughts decides our tomorrows  future.

so start praying effectively…value your thoughts and then….see ur resolutions will give u satisfation at the end of the year instead of the disappointment….☺😎

Thanking you…..and wishing you all a very very happy and prosperous new year….🎉🎇

Best luck…..!!!!✌


Belief vs efforts


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Hello guys….

Actually first let me say thank God. ….yeah really  thank God for solving my todays network issue which was  much needed😰….today I was just feeling that I am missing some moments which I want to live but just can’t.  So was nervous little bit. So I thought ,let’s do something to engage myself.  So I watched few my favourite inspiring vedios….then listened to music…but was not in a mood to enjoy it. And at the same time  i was facing network problem today ,thats why the day was going in too hectic mood. And  finally my network problem got solved that’s why i am saying thank god….😅 So that i could visit my blog site, where i always feel pleasing one. Yes it tells me how much positive i m☺!! Confidence is needed know…this is what my blog site gives me all time.  where I found that I am having two blogs pending over there which I yet have not published. One blog is about  “Nature “and another is about “How inner fire , love motivate us to work harder“. I went through that my two blogs. And Googled more about these two subjects to make it more effective.  And I modified that two blogs there. But at the same time , there at the top one notification from one website was pending on my tablet.  It was about “Belief vs efforts“. I read it and found it really amazing means something too relatable to everyone’s life. So I thought why not to write today’s blog on the same subject.

Believe in yourself …..we found this mantra everywhere. But just belief is enough ?What is important than it. Or just have a belief and  your every problem will get solved? Belief is getting more importance these days  than any other qualities which are much needed to achieve the success.  To have a belief is just a first point to go ahead , it is not the end of the process. For example  if u want to ride a bicycle…. Here u have a belief that u can ride a bicycle. Because of that belief u will try to ride a bicycle. But what is more important here is a courage, efforts and perseverance. Just belief is not enough . For that u need that knowledge , right method  to ride the bicycle. Then and then only u will try to ride the bicycle , u will take efforts for it and will succeed over there.

I read somewhere before that,  “future belongs to those who believe in beauty of their dreams “. But for that first you have to know the path which you have to follow to make your dreams true. If u are not knowing the path to follow then your that belief it not enough here. Belief is the neutral things which everyone has received who are trying something.  But what use to make difference here is the efforts. If u are having a big dreams then you  have to work hard for it. Have to go for many sacrifices of the momentary happiness. That your sacrifices will definately reward u far in the future. 

If you want to swim and you  just have a belief that u can swim but u don’t know how to swim….Then u will drown ….so have a belief but not just a belief. Give the company of your  efforts to your belief and let your belief to reach to the reality. Dream big but at the same time be ready to go for the hardwork which is first much needed to make your dreams true.

Ohhh…again my that two blogs I kept pending there.,.will publish it next time after making it more worth of reading.  So again thank God…I wrote this blog which changed my mood too and simultaneously I wrote something  which i hope will help you too.  Today i have not taken much efforts to write blog . Again i just can hope that  you will like it….

Good luck to make your belief as a reality by giving company of your efforts to it……!!!☺

Thank you……☺

कभी कभी जीतने के लिए कुछ हारना भी पड़ता है, और हार कर जीतने वाले को बाज़ीगर कहते हैं|😎

Hello guys…..

Read the title….???Too filmy na….😁..  but It just came in my mind which was suitable for my today’s subject. It is one of the famous dialogue as all knew it…from one movie which gives us important lesson to keep growing ,keep progressing in our life  even after facing so many defeats. It means “Sometimes to win you must be prepared to lose …and the one who ends up winning the end game is called a maverick”

Yes…so how this topic came in my mind ? Todays India vs Australia  T20 match gave me this subject. I watched match after long interval of time. As I am a keen follower of cricket  it becomes quite stressful for me to watch it. But still today i watched it because  i follow sports more …specially cricket so i can’t keep myself away from the sport. What i thought , “To have a patience,  to go for hardwork  and face defeats with the  spirit ….overcome on it and achieve the great victory”…these all we learn from the sport person.  And if game is full of challenges then that game becomes much more interesting for me. I always support that player who achieve victory after overcoming so many challenges. In today’s match for first five overs was like..we will win definitely…but in next five overs it was just like we will lose this game….and in last five overs was like …we are going to win for sure….and we won it. If anyone wins while all are saying that he will lose….there i love to celebrate that victory….the thrilling victory. Remember the final of world cup 2011 India vs Sri Lanka…that thrill…..and the last moment of victory….what a moment….!!!. To  enjoy such a thrilling victories  I use to support even to opposite teams too…. (not in the crucial matches).


(Above pic is from todays match…pleasing one ✌)

There ,this subject came in my mind. Because  I love to celebrate the success which is achieved after long struggle. I like to cheer for those who are winning after hard efforts ….who has struggled but has still maintained patience until victory  …..here this 👆 title came in my mind which more suits to…? don’t  say as ” to srk😜”…Actually  everyone is bajigar of his/ her own life. But still…the name of Abraham Lincoln …yes this title  more suits to him. Abraham Lincoln who became President of United States  after facing so many defeats. His life story tells us the importance of failure in our life which  boost us to work hard. Abraham  Lincoln was the statesman,  lawyer and 16th president of United States from 1861 until to his assassination in 1865. His extraordinary courage helped him and  one ordinary person became 16th president of United States. I read one story of his life as one day Abraham  Lincoln  was listening to the story of his nervous friend . But when that friend was told to narrate the story of Lincolns life. After its completion , Lincoln told him to have a glance at it. And that story of failures of Lincolns life gave ray of hope to that person.  And that person thanked Lincoln for giving new direction to reach more close to his goal.


Let’s take a glance at the list of disheartening failures which Lincoln faced with lots of courage and  became a great leader of America.

  1. Unsuccessful in business at the age of 21
  2. Was miserably lost in legislative elections at the age of 22
  3. Faced the untimely death of his sweetheart at the age of 24
  4. Had to suffer a severe nervous breakdown at the age of 27
  5. Was defeated in Congressional race at the age of 34
  6. Had to face failure of becoming a Senator at the age of 45
  7. Failed again in becoming a vice president at the age of 47
  8. Had to overcome the failure of losing Senatorial race at the age of 49
  9. Finally became the 16th President of United States of America at the age of 52

(This 👆all information 1-9 is from Google )

So because of his extraordinary courage ,he could reach to such a great destiny as he became the President of the United States. Bill Gates has said as…”it is fine to celebrate the success but it is more important  to heed the lessons from failure “.  And no one cares about your story until you win. So if life is throwing stones of obstacles in your journey just look at it as the opportunity and make it fruitful.  So have a courage to face the failures with patience….overcome on it. And win the title of winner. The success stories which are full of challenges, adversities motivate us more to lead towards the victory. ✌

Good luck to become the bajigar of ur own life

……Good luck to me too😎

Don’t tell me , you can’t

Hello guys,

Meeting you after a long interval  of time. It makes me happiest one when I use to write something  which will motivate you people along with myself.

Don’t  tell me, you can’t –  So, how I found this subject to write today’s blog? Actually today i was searching for an image to set my Whatsapp  profile  picture.  There In my downloaded folder ,I found one image. That image was of   Juan  josé Méndez Fernández  with one of his quote on right side as ” Don’t  tell me, you can’t “.

150906-Juan-Jose-Mendez-Fernandez-1Then I searched about him . Where i found that he is a paralympian cyclist from Spain.  He was practicing  cycling  at the age of 14 only , but in 1992 ,he got victim of one bike accident. Where he lost his left arm and left leg. He was in coma for about 20 days. When he woke up he didn’t realised about what he has lost actually.  When he tried to sit , there he realised that he has lost his left arm and left leg. He took his time to accept it. Later he thought that he will keep his dream alive. There he told himself as “These disabilities will not going to stop me”. Then he started practicing cycling and u will surprise to listen that till date he is having six Olympic medals on his name.


Although He has not achieved gold medal till date but his victories in sport career made us to realise that disabilities can not stop anyone from achieving victories who just wants to go forward . Actually  person never uses to be disable physically, but uses to be disable by mentally only. Juan José Méndez Fernández ‘s coach is his childhood friend to whom he has taught cycling.  His coach always  used to say that he has achieved a lot  and at this age he is not going to be more faster because of his disabilities.  But year  by year Juan José Méndez Fernández is proving him Wrong and becoming more faster. He has established one cycling club called the pirates. Where he uses to practice cycling and by seeing him, other such people  are also joining his club instead of just living in their  room only.

Elisa is a one member of his club. Her one leg was amputated because of cancer. While sharing her experience she said that she was feeling sorry for herself afier loosing one leg. Once she was travelling by car along with her one friend. On a traffic signal she found that  one person is riding bike who has lost his left arm and left leg. That person was juan José Méndez Fernández only. There she told her friend that hereafter if I feel sorry for myself , just tell me to recall this person.  Later she searched about juan and joined his cycling club. And like elisa ,so many people have joined his club. In his club, juan uses to ride bicycle for about 100 km per day. See, Inspite of disabilities he became a champion.

So don’t tell that you can’t.  When someone says that he/ she can’t,  it means he / she is having the fear of facing the struggle which is required to reach to the destiny.  So just force urself to say bye bye to that fear and just think of going forward always. And this is possible  just because of motivation which is the most important thing.  And hat’s off to the people like juan José Méndez Fernández that they have set the example to keep growing Inspite of adversities in front of the society. Thank you all….!!

So Keep urself motivated always ,challenge urself and win over it.

Today I had not planned to write a blog but suddenly I found the subject and I tried to write it. So how much efficiently I have written it to reach upto u guys that I don’t  know. Better efforts next time….

Good luck……!!!

“Life without expectations”


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Hello guys,

Meeting u after long interval of time. Because When the thoughts come in a mind, suddenly we can not put it in a words. We have to think over it , then after analysing we have to reach to the conclusion and later we can put it in a words. And the process consume the time. And every next day uses to give u a new experience, new lesson , accordingly our thoughts get modified day by day.

So ,For the  last few days…not just few days…but for my entire life till date ,i had bound myself to lots of expectations. And i was forcing myself to reach to the expectations. The process even has not allowed me to enjoy the moment. And now when i use to see back, i observe that last every moment was just beautiful but i could not lived it( except few) beautifully just because of the burden of expectations. Because of the path which i had chosen to follow to reach to the destiny. I had restricted myself to live the present at its best, made lots of rules and regulations, do’s and dont’s to reach to the destination and achieve the satisfaction of its fulfillment.

But while taking efforts to make our future safe and beautiful, we usually loose to our present. We expect means, we never accept present as it is. And when we can not reach to the expectations, we use to get disappointed.  But if we make our life free from expectations, the only remains is the happiness, for which we are searching everywhere. Buddha says, “whoes life  is  free from expectations , will receive the freedom and satisfaction”. We will not feel guilty for not achieving something which we have dreampt of when we live without expectations.

Expectations disguise with lots of names…goals, dreams, vision ,ambition…etc. And we invest our whole life starving for it. It is not like that we do not have the goals in life. Life is just full of controversy. It is good to have goal, but we do not have to heed towards the outcome of it. We have to think of the process which we are following. We always use to think of the results , outcomes and use to forget the process. Anu kumari ( upsc 2nd ranker for the last year)has said in her one interview” i never dreampt of receiving such amazing felicitation , status, 2nd rank…i always thought of the process which i need to follow. Because while dreaming about the outcome we can not give our best efforts to achieve it. It is always best to live and experience the reality”.And when we think of outcomes, we fear , doubt about whether we can achieve what we have expected or not.

We expect from people, we expect from future , we expect from everything around us. And when the things wil not happen in the ways we expect, we get disappointed. So “No expectatins, no disappointment”. Try to live the present , accept the things in a way  it is. So we will not fear of its being right or wrong. It is critical to live without expectations, but we can minimise it. Have less expectations. As gandhiji said, ” earth is having enough to satisfy everyones need, but could not satisfy anyones greed”. The expectations is just one type of greed. As greed of a person is not having limit, the same way the expectations are never ending. So keep urself free from expectations , so u can live the life at its best.

These are my thoughts, everyone is having differant perceptions. May some people will disagree with it. But life gave me the best lesson ” Live without expectations ” . And Bill gates said that” it is better to celebrate the success, but it is most important to heed the lesson from failure”. So i need to heed towards this lesson. Life without expectations will be more and most beautiful”.

I just tried to express myself  with the help of  small poem in marathi ,composed by me.


“ओझे अपेक्ष्याचें”

अपेक्ष्यांच्या चक्रव्यूहात  अडकले  आहे  हे  अमूल्य  जीवन,

” जगण्यासाठी जन्माला  आलोय  ”  हेच  विसरतोय  आपण.

जगण्यातला  बिनधास्तपणा  आज  हरवला  आहे कुणीकडे,

ध्येयपूर्तीसाठीचा  वेडेपणा दिसतो  आहे सगळीकडे.

उज्ज्वल  भवितव्याचे  सुख  अनुभवण्याच्या  स्वप्नांखातर मनुष्य,

वर्तमान काळाची  फरफट  करीत  जगत आहे आयुष्य.

उलथवुनी  टाक तो डोंगर अपेक्षाभंगाच्या दुःखाचा,

कोरून  ठेव  हृदयामध्ये  आनंद  क्षणा – क्षणाचा.

झुगारून  दे आज साऱ्या  स्वप्न  –  अपेक्षांना,

स्वछंद जग प्रत्येक  क्षणा-  क्षणाला.


Good luck…and thank you….!!!

Being selfish is good or bad….???

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Hello guys…

By reading the title, u will say  as ” Is this serious question???” Because we all knew that being selfish is a bad always.

If someone call you as a selfish, what you feel???  Definately most of people will not like it. In our community , selfish is ugly word. Means it reflects bad impression. We think as ” selfish is a criticising word”.  Our parents , teachers always teach us…“Dont be selfish in life”. First think of others and then think of ourself. But “To think of others, first we have to be worth of it”.Means first we have to develop ourself by priortising ourself in such a way that we can help others”. This is a big dilemma of our life as “being selfish is a good or bad”. Lets solve it.

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This thought comes in my mind few days back. While talking with one of my friend, i found that his priority is his own schedule. And i was a bit angry for it, just for a while. Then i thought about it. And i found that everyone in this world is a selfish one. Even me too. Selfish means give priority to oneself first. Selfish people always do that things , which they want to do. They give time for themself first. Accordingly they develop their personality and use to emerge as a skilled one. We are taught by elders as help other first without being selfish. But for what??? Think on it. We want to help other for ourself. Which will give you satisfaction as you are doing good, you are a good human being. So you can represent urself as a good human being in a community. Means we are a selfish here. For example – if we found a needy person on a street, first we thought to help him. Why??? Because our own inner voice tells us that to help others is a good thing. So we listen our inner voice first. Means we give priority to ourself first at any cost.So being selfish is good but being selfish  by hurting others, by taking advantage of others is definately bad one.

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Putting urself first is not a negative quality. It is fair to do that things which u need. Selfish person uses to be more confidant and they uses to develop their personality, set their goals with the help of their own strength, so they never think of quiting the goal midway. We don’t feel ‘selfish’ as a good compliment. But being selfish will make u a bettter person. If u give priority to urself first , to ur health , to ur hobbies, if u take care of ur relaxation…it  will definatey make u a strong person enough to help other . It will lead u towards the path of success. If u can’t take care of urself then u cant take care of other ones.

So love urself first, take care of urself first , respect urself first. So u can be a worth person ,healthy person in a community to help others. It will lead u towards the path of happiness, success.

So dilemma get solved here. Being selfish is good but being selfish by taking advantage of others is not good. So think accordingly and choose ur path of being selfish in a proper manner.

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Good luck…..!!!

New spark…..!!!!!

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Hello guys….meeting u after a long interval of time. Actually when i use to be a little nervous then i use to find motivation for myself. And in that situation google and YouTube always help me to overcome on these adversities. Internet gives me so many inspirational life stories. First i use to stimulate myself from that spark and then i try to inspire you all  with the same.

It means we search for motivation in our nervousness. Yesterday i was little nervous. Then i went towards my all time best friend YouTube and searched for the sandip maheswaries motivational vedios. There was a vedio of Kàroly Takàcs who was the olympic athlete.

images (42)

Like terry fox( i already have shared his inspirational lifestory with u all )..Kàroly Takàcs was also so ambitious. He was the first shooter to win two succesive gold medals in 25 meter rapid fire pistol event. He was from austria where he was the best pistol shooter. He was in hungarian army and had won so many national champianships. So he was dreaming to win gold medal at olympics. But unfortunately in 1938 his right hand got badly injured in one army training as one faulty grenade exploded.

There was two options in front of him. First as accept the reality and try to overcome on it and work hard to accomplish his dream. And second as just forget about dream and choose grief of not completing dream for a life long. He chose first option. After just a month of accident he started secret training of his left hand. Before that he even could not write with that left hand but later with practice he made it skilled in shooting. Then in 1939 he went to attend one national championship. There all contestants came to him and appreciated him that he came there to cheer contestants in that critical situation also. Then he replied to them as” i am not here to cheer you all but to compete with you all”.This sentense reflects his level of confidence. Others were there with strong personalities with both hands. And  kàroly was fighting there with a lonely hand. And he won that championship. So later he was dreaming to win gold at olympics in 1940 but because of second world war , that olympics get cancelled. And his dreams remain dream. He didnt loose hope and started practicing for next olympics in 1944 but unfortunately that olympics also get cancelled because of second world war. Now he was practicing for upcoming olympics. 

In 1948 he participated in it. But new challenge was waiting for him. His age was about 38 and so many young talents were there to compete with him. But his strong passion and ambitious nature made him more courageous. And he won the gold medal at olympics 1948. He didnt stop there he again won second gold medal in next olympics in 1952 too. And became the first athlete to secure two gold medal in successive olympics. His dream was live till the end of life just because of his spirit. Such an inspiring personality..!!! No one can beat you except urself. So Have a faith in ur strength. You will win definately. Look at disability as” this ability”. His life story inspired me and took me away from nervousness, In the world of new hope.

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We all knew about Muniba mazari,iron lady of pakistan. How she looks at her disability..?? Actually person uses to be disable by mentally not physically. She said that who dont like to be in limelight. And my disability only gave me that opportunity to be in limelight at everywhere. It means nothing is there in life which has negative impact. Just ur perspective is going to matter here. How you look at the adversity? Ur positive attitude will turn adversity into opportunity.And yes inspite of expecting from living things complete your demands from nonliving things.It will always with you. Enjoy its company when you feel lonely.It will boost you at every stage of your life. Internet is the best example of it.

Good luck….And add new friend in your friendlist “Internet” . How to use it is totally depends on you, accordingly it will impact on ur life. So go through motivational stories to inspire urself… And walk towards  ur destiny…so your life will also give the inspirational story to the remaining all.

Choice is urs….!!!